Open Angel Forum: NYC

On Thursday night I was a co-host of the first New York Open Angel Forum dinner with Charlie O’DonnellJason Calacanis and Tyler Crowley. More than a dozen great local angel investors networked and watched investment pitches over burgers and beer at Dogpatch Labs.

I was at the first OAF dinner in Los Angeles three months ago. Since then they’ve had events in San Francisco and Boulder and a bunch of the presenting companies have been funded. The NYC event went smoothly and the presentations from HD CloudMyNinesAristotle Circle, Kodingen, Food52 and Up Next were fantastic.

Food52 would make a great Crowd Fusion app. HD Cloud would make a great Crowd Fusion plug-in. Kodingen would be a great way to edit Crowd Fusion sites from a web kiosk.

I’m looking forward to the next NYC OAF event. Our sponsors were actively involved and we got great feedback from everyone who attended. There are half a dozen little things we’ll be changing for the next event to make it more efficient.

Thanks everyone!

UPDATE: There’s an official recap on the Open Angel Forum site with links to posts by presenters (Kodingen and UpNext) and investors (Howard MorganJeff StewartJon Steinberg and Fabrice Grinda). My co-host Charlie O’Donnell also gives in-depth praise to our sponsors JoyentCooley, and Winter Wyman.

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