Robert Scoble, Steve Jobs and Diet Coke

Robert Scoble wrote a couple of interesting posts about having to give up Diet Coke and the end of health privacy last night. His health privacy post is especially timely with Steve Jobs’ leave of absence and all of his recurring cancer and liver transplant speculation.

I used to drink a ton of regular Coke in high school and college, easily more than two liters a day. Years ago I made the switch to Diet Coke. Almost two years ago I gave up Diet Coke cold turkey and haven’t had a soda since.

Scoble’s posts made me reflect on my life with and without soda:

I drink really weak iced tea all day, plus orange juice and sparkling water. Sparkling water wasn’t something I was ever into before, but now Pellegrino and Perrier give me that feeling like I’m drinking bubbly soda again, putting some action back in drinking.

Six weeks after I gave it up, I was tempted by people bringing Diet Coke into my house.

I even had dreams where I went back to drinking Diet Coke by mistake.

More than a year after I gave it up, I wrote about how important living without soda has been for me.

Still, if I know I was having my last meal ever, I would definitely have a Diet Coke with it.

I crave it almost every day.

I’m wishing Scoble lots of luck on this one.

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