Dancing With The Crows

Tonight I’m catching a redeye or two home after some great meals and meetings with my Crowd Fusion team and a generally successful CES. I didn’t make it to dinner with the team last night, so I tried to make up for it today. What was I doing last night? I was hanging out with some Twitter friends at yet another Intel party. (They do throw good parties.) This one was a private Counting Crows concert at LAX, the nightclub inside of the Luxor.

Brooke Burke was the party’s host. I came close to getting my picture with her like Brian Solis did, but it wasn’t meant to be. I was jammed right up against the stage for the whole show with Brian and Frank though, and I got photos of her welcoming us to her show and some great close-up shots of the Crows.

The band played a great thirteen song set including A Long DecemberBig Yellow TaxiMr. JonesOmahaHanginaround and Color Blind. Pretty much everything I wanted to hear except for Accidentally In LoveRain King and Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby and a dozen more songs, but who’s counting?

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