Superman, I am so glad you’re here!

After a doctor’s appointment in the middle of the day today, I stopped at Starbuck’s to get Niki the green iced tea she loves. I was wearing a black t-shirt with a silver Superman symbol on the chest.

As I walked in the door, the woman behind the counter said “Superman, I am so glad you’re here!” Nice. I told her I had heard they needed help. She said they didn’t need help any more, just my order. I ordered Niki’s venti unsweetened green iced tea and headed to the end of the counter.

As he was pouring it the next guy asked me if I was worried about it being “green” tea. Funny. I thought about explaining how the drink would only harm me if they brewed it using meteor rocks or that having a weakness to a popular color like Green Lantern does is just lame, but I responded with “It’s for Lois.”

Because in many ways it was.

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