Quiet time

I haven’t blogged in more than six weeks, mainly because there wasn’t a lot of news I wanted to share publicly. Plus, it’s just easier to give a half dozen updates over Twitter every day. Twitter has ruined blogging.

We have a baby daughter arriving any day now. Niki’s mom died a week ago on a cruise ship halfway around the world. Niki can’t travel to Florida for her mom’s funeral this week, so that is a mess.

I had a great trip to the west coast a few weeks back, meeting with investors who wanted to hear about Crowd Fusion. That was exciting and reaffirming. We have a solid model and a great, growing team and I just want it all to get built and launched yesterday. My four favorite questions from the trip were:

  • How is this different from Typepad or WordPress?
  • How is this different from Glam or Sugar?
  • How is this different from Mahalo?
  • Can I get you some sparkling water?

I skipped SxSW because I wouldn’t have been able to get back for our daughter’s birth if Niki had gone into labor. She didn’t arrive, but thanks to her I was able to miss the SxSW flu everyone else caught, a.k.a., SxSARS.

So this week I’m trying to tie up loose ends, get freelancers loaded up with work and squeeze in some meetings like the really productive ones I had in NYC yesterday. As an unexpected bonus I went to a True Ventures party for Automattic (WordPress), Sphere and Giga Omni Media — plus some lesser known media brands like Hearst and The New York Times.

I didn’t get to see Matt Mullenweg on my SF trip or at SxSW, but we did get to catch up last night. That’s always good. I spent some time with Jason CalacanisOm MalikAlan PatricofJohn BrockmanToni Schneider, Scott Kurnit, MC Hammer, paidContent’s Staci Kramer, TechCrunch’s Heather Harde, Rcrd Lbl’s Peter Rojas and Inhabitat’s Jill Fehrenbacher. Like I said, it was an unexpected bonus.

So, am I done being quiet? I hope so.

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