Nathan Lane in David Mamet’s November

Niki is a big Nathan Lane fan so for Christmas I got us tickets to the matinee performance of November on Saturday, plus the all-important baby-sitter.

November is a new play by David Mamet about a first-term U.S. president who is guaranteed to lose his upcoming re-election bid. He has messed up the country pretty badly and is being advised to just take his remaining campaign money and go away quietly. Mamet also wrote Glengarry Glen Ross and Wag The Dog, among many other things.

We saw Nathan Lane three times in The Producers, once in the revival of The Odd Couple and once in Butley. He is always amazing and Niki and I are really big fans of his.

So this was planned as a Christmas present for Niki, but we got a surprise bonus present for Jack.

Although Laurie Metcalf (a.k.a., Roseanne’s sister) is listed after Nathan Lane in the billing, Dylan Baker spends more time on the stage as the President’s advisor. Baker played Dr. Curtis Connors in the Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3movies and is rumored to be signed for one more film so he can become The Lizard in Spider-Man 4.

The present for Jack was a picture of his Daddy with Dr. Connors:

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