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When I was outed on Twitter, I did a recap of some of my favorite tweets like Matt Heerema and Jeffrey Zeldman do.

Here is another list of some select Twitter statuses, in the very un-blog-like oldest-to-newest order:

  • “Would you like me to leave some of this here, as a warning to the new bottles?” Sep 13
  • Just sang Mr. Roboto 50 times. My throat is killing me. Sucrets? Sucrets? You got a Sucrets? Sep 14
  • I have a layover in Dulles right now. Why do I feel an overwhelming urge to get on a conference call? Sep 19
  • A Pirate Physicist asks: How many joule seconds does it take to walk the Planck? Sep 19
  • Ever since that spider bit my hand at the science fair today, I’ve beennn feeeling funnnny. Noww myy hanndss arre sticckkinnng to thhe keys. Sep 21
  • “Hey beautiful, I’m just talking to my kids, the back door’s open” replaces “Don’t tase me bro!” as quote du jour. Sep 25
  • When Daddy X-acto knifes Captain America’s mighty shield, all those who chose to oppose his knife must yield… Sep 29
  • Just hit 300 contacts on LinkedIn. It’s either time to switch to Facebook and start over or blog declaring LinkedIn bankruptcy. I’m torn. Sep 30
  • If The Office was 5 minutes long and had nudity, I would watch it every week: Oct 01
  • @gwenstefani I know you’re secretly following me on Twitter. Happy 38th birthday, Gwen. Go b-a-n-a-n-a-s! Oct 04
  • Did anyone *not* expect the Isiah Thomas and MSG verdict? When will you all realize: the Knicks never win. Oct 04
  • Not a big fan of Mr. Choketober right now. Some offense from our regular season MVP could have meant a win. That and no plague of insects… Oct 06
  • Watching kids’ TV right now. That Benny is a Dora bull! Oct 06
  • Rushing a wedding like Pam and Rick’s, it’s tough to remember all the details. Like finding a videographer for the wedding night. Congrats! Oct 07
  • Just saw the official medical reason why Roger Clemens was pulled from the game last night: he has a 45-year-old left hamstring. Oct 08
  • How lame are you to send me marketing spam addressed to “Brian No longer with company”? I’m no longer at the company! Get it? Oct 09
  • Early morning rehearsals with my new band: The Wide Stances. Our slogan: We get your toes tapping! Oct 10
  • Got my first AOL layoff-related IM, “I can FedEx it to you with this empty box I just got from AOL.” Was kidding. Grim day turning grimmer. Oct 16
  • Just found out that the Detroit Marathon is 26.2 miles long. That’s strange. I could have sworn it was an 8-mile race. Oct 21
  • Buzz Lightyear has midlife crisis, buys sports cars and chases women. TMZ’s photo caption: “Two Infinitis…and a blonde!” Oct 22
  • @gavin In light of recent news your rapper name “David Cop-A-Feel” isn’t so cute anymore. Definitely go back to using “Sir Milks-A-Lot”. Oct 23

I need to do these recaps more often. It’s therapeutic.

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