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You all know that stars like Mark CubanJason CalacanisPeter Rojas and Harvey Levin use my old blogging platform, but are there any other famous people using Blogsmith?

Sure there are!

Niki had the food channel on yesterday and I asked her if we were watching Bobby Flay. She said it was Tyler Florence. Ah, I remember that name because I saw him in Blogsmith. He blogs at the clever domain AOLFoodBlog.com. I should have known it wasn’t Bobby Flay because the guy didn’t look stoned. I’m sure Bobby Flay is drug-free, but to me he always seems high. Maybe it’s because he’s a guy who’s always cooking and I’m just reading into it.

Today I clicked on an AOL news story and saw a sidebar listing some featured blogs. Weblogs, Inc. ones? Of course not, but I did see a few names I had heard of before. One was Mo Rocca from The Daily Show With Jon Stewart. He can be found on AOL’s evocatively named group blog News Bloggers. If you just want to go to Mo, you can find a listing of Mo-only work.

More you say? Sure thing.

Here’s Regina Lewis’ blog. She’s on the DIY Network and all over TV.

And Blogging Stocks recently added Jim Cramer from TheStreet.com and CNBC’s Mad Money.

It’s always wild to see someone on TV who also uses Blogsmith for their blog.

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