Yankee squirrel

Last night I took my sons to a Yankee game without Niki. The people in front of me thought I was brave.

Our seats were only a few rows away from right field, but the view was blocked by the foul pole and its net. Besides the great game and the win, the highlight for Tor was the Yankee squirrel. He’s a squirrel that showed up a few games ago and got a ton of television time. He sits on the top of that foul pole and every now and then climbs down it and then back up. People cheer. They take pictures and video of him. They yell at people who scare the squirrel back up the pole.

We watched him climb down over and over. One time he turned around to head back up and started shaking and then squirting streams of pee. Tor screamed “Pee! Pee!” It was hilarious.

The squirrel emptied himself one more time a few innings later and that started to freak Tor out. He was sure we were all going to get peed on even though it all rained straight down and we were way out of his range. Even telling Tor what position the squirrel would play for the Yankees didn’t calm him down or cheer him up.

The squirrel would of course be a middle reliever.

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