Blog baiting

I was pretty sure when I saw this in the newspaper yesterday that Hilary was hoping this one would go viral — getting blogged by hundreds of A-list bloggers and increasing her audience ten-fold. At the very least it will get clipped by the moms of all the kids who live in their parents’ basements while they create the next big blog network.

Over on her site, Hilary explains how you can get Rhymes with Orange in your local paper:

The very best way for this to happen is to contact your local paper and tell the editor what you like and don’t like on the comics page. I think Rhymes With Orange appeals to a small niche of witty, intelligent and incredibly good-looking people. (As you know, not everyone falls into this category, so not everyone is going to get, or like, the strip.) To newspaper editors, I write one of those “edgy” strips. Letting the editor know you like the strip will be a buffer every time someone calls up saying, “I just don’t get that Rhymes With Orange strip. Can’t you just print Garfield twice on the page?”

Remember, you can’t spell hilarity without Hilary.

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