Rachael Ray’s half-sister

A few weeks ago, Niki and I met Rachael Ray’s half-sister, but she wasn’t aware of her family connection.

Our waitress came over and when she smiled you would have sworn it was a younger Rachael Ray. We told her who she reminded us of and she said that we weren’t the first people to tell her that. Then she added that it was funny because she comes from the same small town that Rachael Ray does in upstate New York. She walked away and Niki and I both said at the same time, “Paternity test!”

I mean, she even went into the food services business just like her older half-sister. How coincidental is that?

The whole time we were waiting for our food I was hoping that she would load her arms up with more items than a regular non-celebrity human waitress could carry just to see if she could do it in one trip. She didn’t, but it did smell awesome and it was delish!

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