March 6 of the penguins

Niki and I turned 75 today. Guess which one of us is 45 and which one is 30. (Okay, so we’re both still in our thirties…I’ve got a lot of gray.)

I kicked the day off with a 6am conference call. AOL hosting did some networking upgrades for us and I guess it’s better to get an early start and stretch the day out than to sleep in and risk missing the whole thing.

We’re having some people over this weekend to celebrate the “coolness that is us” — my words, not Niki’s — and I’m psyched to see them all. Walter and Kim Some of them have new babies and never visit or call anymore. Jeffrey and Carrie Some of them can’t make it because they’re famous and busy speaking at some web geek event in Texas.

A long time ago, I registered and this year I considered putting up a quick March 6 blog and doing the 30 or 40 posts I had saved up over the last couple of weeks while my own blog was upgrading to our new publishing system. I figured I would post all day long every year, but only on March 6 and then I figured who wants to spend their birthday blogging? More specifically, who is foolish enough to spend his wife’s whole birthday blogging?

What if I queued up all the posts in advance or got some March 6 birthday celebs like Ed McMahon, Shaquille O’Neal, Michelangelo (and his virus), AOL blogger Tom Arnold and David Gilmore to contribute?

Maybe next year, guys.

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