Don Cheadle and me

Brian Alvey and Don Cheadle

When we were walking back to our camp from the back of the library, we spied Don Cheadle heading to the back of the stage. Maybe he’s announcing some artist or making a short speech.

As I was getting my picture taken with him, I told him that my wife gets tired of hearing me talk about how talented I think he is. “Hey, that movie has Don Cheadle. He’s such a great actor. Have you ever seen a better performance on television than Don Cheadle on ER? Hey, this other movie has Don Cheadle. He’s amazing. Let’s go see that one too. Have I told you what a great actor Don Cheadle is?”

Somebody owes me big time for taking this picture on the worst possible resolution. I could draw a better picture of Don and me. I might have to track him down again…

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