All your tildes are belong to us

Over on Engadget Spanish, I noticed that our bloggers were letting their audience know that we’re still in beta and we’re working out some language-related kinks. Specifically, I’m making some changes to the platform so characters with accents don’t get eaten in title fields. One quick fix I made for the Spanish team broke the form for the Chinese team. Fun stuff.

One of our commenters thought that we were using some kind of automated translation software instead of humans — primarily because of the missing accented characters. So I thought I’d ask Altavista’s Babel Fish Translation to tell me what our Spanish blogger wrote:

Without tildes nor enies?
Before nothing, thousand excuses by that so horrible title. But indeed that is what we want to clarify… Why the titles of the new Engadget in Spanish do not have tíldes nor eñes? Then good, as they can see, this is the beta version of Engadget, so we are working hard to obtain a final version next. Our thousands of programmers (thousands, hehe) is adapting software so that it has supported other languages to the 100%, but that taking time. Other whatever still exist “bugs” in the system, and also many thousands translations that are not of manjares, but the equipment of Engadget in Spanish is working strongly so that our site is of the same quality that the original Engadget. We appreciated its commentaries and suggestions, so they do not let write to us.

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