You’ll believe a man can fly

One of my favorite childhood movie memories was seeing the first Superman movie. We had been living in Brooklyn, NY for almost a year after moving from Virginia. It was New Year’s Eve and it was snowing lightly. We went for a long walk in Bay Ridge and arrived at a movie theater that would later become a fur store and finally a racquetball club.

There were giant posters for the Superman movie everywhere and I immediately wanted to see it. I was eight. My parents said no. I’m sure I complained and probably even cried before my dad bent over and “found” four tickets for the next showing. He had them all along.

Years later, my dad would tell me what he remembered most about the movie. He looked over at my sister during the romantic scene where Superman takes Lois Lane flying and my five-year-old sister’s mouth was hanging open. “Can you read my mind?” was playing. She was completely mesmerized. It was magic.

I watched Margot Kidder on the premiere of Smallville a few days ago. She played an assistant and ex-girlfriend of Dr. Swann, the billionaire astrophysicist who knows more about Clark’s Kryptonian origin than Clark does. (The name “Swann” is a tribute to the late Curt Swan, the definitive Superman comic book artist from the late 50’s to the early 80’s.) I hoped he would make more appearances on the show.

Christopher Reeve died yesterday of complications from a systemic infection that is common to people who suffer from paralysis. His mother told the media, “He put up with a lot. I’m glad that he is free of all those tubes.”

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